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Boston Recycled Cotton Ribbed Socks
Boston Recycled Cotton Ribbed Socks
Boston Recycled Cotton Ribbed Socks

Boston Recycled Cotton Ribbed Socks

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Just like a pair of vintage jeans, the more you wear these socks the better they look! These socks are made using a special dyeing technique called speck dyeing that involves sprinkling dye capsules and steaming the thread, then forcing the capsules to burst and create random specks of color.


95% cotton, 4% polyester, 1% elastane 


Made in Japan


Why does Zinnia Love Nishiguchi Kutsushita?

This wonderful company began production in 1950, just after World War II. Katsuji Nishiguchi founded the company with a single hand-operating knitting machine. The company continued to develop and is currently operating under it's third generation director Isato Nishiguchi. They now house over 130 knitting machines. Their team of professionals consists of veterans with over 50 years of experience, new generation talents in their 30s, and part-time support staff, all of whom take equal part in creating and sharing with Japan and the world socks that will change your tomorrow. Their socks are beautifully designed using the practical elements of conscientiously sourced fibres and incorporating them in to designs with a distinctive classic esthetic.


Size Guide


Small   US Men's 5 - 7  //  US Women's 6 - 8

Medium  US Men's 7 - 9  //  US Women's 8 - 10

Large  US Men's 9 - 13  //  US Women's 10 - 12