Ice Dye Bikesuit
Ice Dye Bikesuit

Ice Dye Bikesuit

Mira Blackman
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Discover the unique beauty of the Ice Dye Bikesuit!

Hand Ice Dyed in a backyard studio, every piece is distinct from the next.

This bikesuit features wide shoulder straps, a scoop neckline, and shorts that won't ride up--all with a sublimely soft and comfortable fit.

Wear it solo or as part of any layered look.


Fabric Content   95% Cotton / 5% Spandex



S - Bust 34 - 37" /  Waist 28 - 31" / Hips 36 - 38"

M - Bust 38 - 41" / Waist 32 - 35" / Hips 38 - 41"

L - Bust 42 - 45" / Waist 36 - 39" / Hips 41 - 44"


Why does Zinnia Love Mira Blackman?

Mira Blackman wants getting dressed to be as effortless and as joyful as possible. They believe in buying fewer items that meet more needs. Sustainability has always been at the heart of what Mira Blackman does. They make sure to use organic and all natural fabrics, low impact dyes and they make all the clothing locally in small batches The beautiful hand dyeing is done in their backyard studio. Every element from the temperature that day, to the direction the wind is blowing contributes to the uniqueness of each piece.