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Kutch Scarf - White
Kutch Scarf - White

Kutch Scarf - White

Passion Lilie
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Intricately hand woven scarf from the Kutch region brings forth a tangible representation the cultures and beliefs of the people in this area.

An all white scarf with hints of black pinstripe and tassels along the border.


Kutch weaving, also known as Marwada style, is a 600 year old tradition from the district of Kutch in Gujarat. It is done using an extra-weft weaving technique, where a weft yarn is used in the warp of the loom. The weaving with extra weft creates distinctive designs with geometric patterns and intricately handwoven motifs. These motifs have been passed down through generations of artisan communities, and were originally made from local desi wools and were traditionally worn as veils. Artisans continue to design and produce this weaving technique for both the local market and international market.

Size - 22" Wide 74" Long

100% Cotton

Designed in New Orleans, Fair trade & made in India.


Why Passion Lilie?

We love Passion Lilie for so many reasons. A wonderful company started in New Orleans by owner Katie Schmidt. She has all of her classic and elegant designs made in India working closely with various women's co-operatives. Pasison Lilie is certified Fair Trade and is constantly working to lower their environmental impact by incorporating more organic and non-gmo cotton, and using eco dyes wherever possible. She also strives to help keep traditional Indian textile techniques alive and well by using handwoven fabrics such as ikat as well as woodblock printed textiles.