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Lithuania Linen Waffle Face Cloth Dark Grey by Linen Tales
Lithuania Linen Waffle Face Cloth by Linen Tales
Lithuania Linen Waffle Face Cloth Beige by Linen Tales
Linen Waffle Towel - Face

Linen Waffle Towel - Face

Linen Tales
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Linen is more absorbent than cotton, and it dries much faster. Add it's natural antimicrobial properties to this mix and you are pretty much guaranteed to always have a fresh towel ready for you. Linen towels do not need to be washed as often as cotton so not only are you less likely to ever have a stinky towel, but you will save on water consumption! Because of their fast drying nature, linen towels have become popular among hikers and travelers. We can't recommend these enough, they are definitely worth a try!




Approximately 12" x 12"


100% washed linen (240g/m2).


Made in Lithuania.


Why is Zinnia Carrying Linen Tales?

Linen is one of natures most amazing fibres, and while cotton became more popular in the industrial age due to its lower price point, linen was used for centuries for it's superior absorbency and breathability.  Linen's fibres are very long, and this makes it much more absorbent than cotton. The fabric is also more loosely woven than traditional cotton making it airier and giving it more breath-ability. The absorbency and breathability of linen make it the ideal bedding for summer and the perfect choice for hot sleepers. But it is also warm in the winter. Linen gets softer with every use.

Linen Tales linen is pre-washed so it is soft to begin with and will continue to get softer over time.  Linen Tales products are handcrafted in Lithuania with a deep commitment to both quality and sustainability.