Tin Cloth Cap
Tin Cloth Cap
Tin Cloth Cap
Tin Cloth Cap

Tin Cloth Cap

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The Tin Cloth Cap is the perfect headgear for all types of  weather!

This windproof and waterproof waxed cotton hat won't let you down—it's been trusted by sailors for centuries!

It's breathable for warm weather and rugged enough for cold and wet conditions. With its close-fit six-panel design, it's traditional but tough as nails!

It might not be flashy, but it's definitely a hat you can depend on.


 One Size Fits All - depth is 4", comes with adjustable strap

MATERIAL - 100% Cotton coated in paraffin wax.

**The cotton can be re-waxed when the coating eventually wears off

Made in Canada

Wash in cold water and hang to dry. Recommended to wash only when necessary to give the strap and coating as long of a life as possible. If exposed to salt water, it is recommended to give a quick rinse in fresh water.



The idea for Anián sprung from the belief that: the clothes we enjoy in the natural world should not be harming it. With this in mind Anian has created timeless, lifetime clothing that you can live your life in, and feel good about. The environmental impact of clothing is something they take seriously. For this reason, Anián begun the transition into using entirely recycled natural fibre textiles from landfills. 

From the beginning Anián has been about using natural fibres, manufacturing in Canada, and creating transparency. Most recently they have begun to focus on using predominately recycled natural fibres in an attempt to further chip away at the mountain of consumption the clothing industry is creating.