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Sonnie Sweater
Sonnie Sweater
Sonnie Sweater
Sonnie Sweater
Sonnie Sweater
Sonnie Sweater
Sonnie Sweater
Sonnie Sweater

Sonnie Sweater

Curator Clothing
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Transform your wardrobe with the Sonnie Sweater!

This cropped sweater is perfect for a night out with the girls. The 5 gauge stitch paired with a raglan long sleeve is designed to be durable and resilient to the everyday wear and tear....and it will pair perfectly with your favorite high waist pants!


Fabric - 100% Cotton

Machine Wash Cold. Hang to Dry.

Knit in Lima, Peru at a family business run by the second generation. Socially responsible company with certifications such as FAIR TRADE, Sustainable Export Development, Good Logistics Practices and activities governed under the European BSCI Standard. 


Size Guide

S/M - Bust 40" / Length 18" / Sleeve 26.5"

M/L - Bust 42" /  Length 19" / Sleeve 26.5"

L/XL - Bust 44" / Length 20" / Sleeve 27"


Curator Clothing has an interesting story and continued commitment to ethical and environmental production practices. Here is some valuable and fascinating info about this company.


OUR ETHICS  Curator is built around a 30 year friendship. We put our hearts and souls into each other and this work. This company reflects who we are and we strive to do the right thing in all stages of the business. From the sourcing of our fabric to who we work with to sew the final garments, every decision we make matters and we take that responsibility seriously. 

For the many risks of entrepreneurship, one of the very best rewards is the ability to work from our own ethics. We ask the hard questions of our suppliers. We do the research. We inquire about labor practices. We invest more to have our clothes made conscientiously both locally and at factories abroad. We employ communities we want to support. The judgement calls are ours to make. 

In an effort to give back to our community, we donate monthly to City of Dreams, an organization that is guided by a bold vision: to end the generational cycle of poverty in our city's most challenged neighborhoods. The same neighborhoods where we produce most of our garments. 


OUR FABRICS We partner with reputable mills who focus on ethical and sustainable practices. We use low impact dyes on all of our fabrics and products. And we wear-test our garments to make sure they hold up to your lives.  Before any fabric lands in your hands, it has gone through extensive testing. We’ve learned that fabric can be a lot like meeting a new friend -- you need to hang out with them several times before you know what they are made of. Their traits become especially clear in hot water and tight situations.

OUR FACTORIES  As San Fran natives, we proudly work with four factories in the Bay Area to produce our small batch goods. We ensure our partners pay fair wages and provide safe working conditions. The majority of our factories are family-run - more so even - women-run. Every one of these factories has an owner that works alongside their employees everyday. That’s a key component in selecting a factory for us. We proudly cut and sew our garments in California and currently make 90% of our line at factories that are within a 20 minute drive of our headquarters.  
As Covid has changed the world, so too has it changed the garment industry in the Bay Area. Workers are retiring and factories are closing.
We have been monitoring these changes and have slowly begun to explore new supply chains with a work force that is not on the brink of retirement.  It’s important to note, we are not taking work away from ANY local factories. Our commitment remains to stay with them until they close. Our main factory, that sews our Jules Coats and Cadence Pants, has given us until August 2024 until they retire. Our other dress factory promises to give us 6 months notice of their retirement. These women are 70 + years old, and while it will be very sad to stop working with them, we want them to take care of themselves.

Braced with the reality that most of our factories will likely close in the next 2 years, we have been interviewing, researching and testing new factories. We are very happy to have partnered with a family run factory in Lima, Peru for our sweaters. We work with an agent native to Peru, whom we pay a living wage to supervise our projects and check in on conditions, and quality control. We have visited the factory and broke bread with the factory owners. We feel confident the agent and the factory are a good fit for our values.  

Spring 2023 brings a new factory into our fold. After talking to many of our colleagues in the industry, we selected a factory located in New Delhi, India run by two twin sisters Archana and Arpana.  The factory is SEDEX certified, and prices comparable to what we pay in SF to have these goods created. We have run tests, made samples and were able to place a small order to test working with them for Spring 2023.  Since there are certain items we cannot make in our current garment dye process, we will focus on India producing the items we cannot make locally over the next year.