Spring Blooms Sewn Garland
Spring Blooms Sewn Garland

Spring Blooms Sewn Garland

East End Press
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Spring is in the air and the hedgerows are in full bloom! Bring some of that joy into your house with this garland that is full of cow parsley, daisies and marigold blooms.

Length - 3M

Screen printed by hand on both sides by talented artisans in Jaipur

Sustainably made from recycled materials.


About East End Press

The business started in 2015 by designer and print maker Ellie Hodesdon, with everything printed, made, and packed in Glasgow, Scotland. The garland production line had massively outgrown the little screen printing and laser cutting set up Ellie had created in Scotland. The natural place to look to for manufacturing was Jaipur, the home of print making, so in 2018 Ellie travelled to India in search of printmakers who could create our products.

She found a family who have now become great friends, and they still create everything that East End Press makes. Every manufacturer within the chain we work with are fair-trade; and registered with and independently audited by SEDEX, an international organization ensuring ethical and responsible supply chains.